Saturday, March 01, 2014

Given To Cast Podcast - Week ending Febuary 28, 2014

The latest podcast is up! Sorry for the delay.... But over 45 minutes of awesome music all taken from the Dallas Show on 11-15-13.... Enjoy

Show Notes: Opening GTC ID: Kara Knuffman
                     Music from Dallas, TX show 11-15-13

GIVEN TO CAST - EPISODE Weeking Ending Febuary 28, 2014

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lightning Bolt A Short film by Danny Clinch

Check out the short film by Danny Clinch... Looks like we get a glimpse of Lighting Bolt and Getaway videos... all in same vain as the previous two from Pearl Jam's latest record... Enjoy!

Watch "Lightning Bolt, A Short Film by Danny Clinch - Pearl Jam" on YouTube

UPDATE: Pearl Jam to play Late Night with David Letterman... or maybe not?

Looks like during their East Coast swing on their 1st leg of their US tour, Pearl jam will make a stop at The Ed Sullivan Theater to play on Late night with David Letterman on Tuesday, October 8th. Set your Tivos and DVRs... This should be good.

UPDATE: Looking like Pearl Jam WILL NOT be playing Letterman on the Oct. 8th... Stay Tuned!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

GTC Podcast Fan Intros and GTC Hotline number

Hey Guys:

I need to ask for a favor... need some help building my archive of GTC IDs that I use at the  beginning of each show.... that's where you come in...

Call 361-288-GTC5 (4825) and/or (Skype-giventocast) leave a message with a GTC ID tag. Something like this...

"Hi, I'm ______________ from______________  and you are listening to GIVEN TO CAST"

You can change it up if you want but try and keep it under 10 seconds. I will be selecting a new ID tag for each of the upcoming episodes.... Thanks

P.S.: I may throw in a PJ related prize for best one... nothing big... just a token of appreciation....

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Given To Cast Episode 07-26-2013

Hey Guys:

The latest podcast is up with all the new music from Wrigley show and the two demos that were leaked this week. Also, we are joined by show contributor, Joe Little of Come To The Porch dot net with his review of the show and events prior to the concert. Enjoy!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

UPDATE: Podcast deleyed....New Podcast this still week...

    Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune, July 19, 2013

UPDATE: Podcast out by Friday... Sorry!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you to know I am working on the latest podcast and it should be an awesome one. Lots of music, including songs from Chicago and London shows... Reviews of the whole Wrigley experience including PreParty and Post Party... Should be up by Wednesday... Stay Tuned!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Given To Cast - Episode 07-12-2013

 Hey Guys:

Here's our latest episode of the podcast. I hope you enjoy.

Show Notes:
The Week in Review
Song of the Week: NEW SONG "Mind Your Manners"
Live Rarities: "Without You" Eddie Vedder
Between the Songs: Ed talking at an Obama Fundraiser w/ Pres. Obama
Interview with a Fan: Joe Little of Come To The Porch dot net
Extra song: My Wave by Soundgarden Live from Austin, TX 5-25-13

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mind Your Manners (Official Audio) - Pearl Jam

Lightning Bolt is due to be released on October 15. Listen to the new single, "Mind Your Manners" below or on the podcast out tomorrow