Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10C Ticket Packages are SOLD OUT

Looks like the rest of the tickets SOLD OUT for 10 Clubbers.... I hope you all got yours. I did, but I am not gloating.

Monday, May 23, 2011

8:35 pm cst - Latest ticket news..

05/24 - Alpine Ticket Onsale Update/Canada Pre-sale Postponement

Our IT brains are still working diligently to rectify the Alpine ticketing situation.
There are currently some people who already had items in their carts and who are able to continue the checkout process, very slowly.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

– Those who were already in the check-out process, stick with us and we’re going to try to process your order.
– Those who aren’t already, give it a rest tonight so we can get those who are officially in the middle of the check-out process checked out and work on the site.
– We are going to close the store tonight to ANY NEW TICKET ORDERS in order to work on the system for tomorrow.
– At 8am PT tomorrow morning, we will post on the Ten Club “news” section information regarding when the Alpine ticket sale will resume.
– If it’s still not working at 8am PT, we will say that.
– If it’s working at 8am PT, we’ll provide a time for when the onsale will resume, which be AT LEAST TWO HOURS later, so that everyone has time to prepare.
–The good news is, there are PLENTY of tickets still available.

Due to the problems surrounding today’s Alpine pre-sale, the Ten Club is going to postpone the Canada Pre-sale to
Wednesday May 25th (during the same hours as previously scheduled) to help ensure all systems are up and running smoothly.

Once again, we’re really sorry this happened and will do everything we can to fix it as soon as possible.

Goods Section is down for now.... Updated May 23 @ 8:50pcst

I don't have my tickets yet but I hope I will... Keep trying!!!

The store is temporarily offline. We will have it up again shortly. Thank you for your patience.

If you are interested in pre sale ticket information please click here

UPDATE!!!! I got my link to finally work at the 7 hour and 40 minute mark.... well worth it though...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Given To Cast Podcast - May 20, 2011

Hey guys,

Sorry it took forever but here's the latest podcast. Lots of music and of course all the information about the Pearl Jan Destination Weekend in September.

GIVEN TO CAST - May 20, 2011


Week in Review - PJDW information and GTC is going to be there
Song of The Week: Longing to Belong + and extra song
Extra songs: Creddy Stomp VS outtake
Covered: "Talk About The Passion" -REM cover live from Austin, TX 9/16/1995
Other songs: "Hold On" and "Corduroy" Alt. Version
Live Rare Song: "Immortality" Original version

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This All Encompassing Trip Radio Show Notes - Good information here

Two Feet Think has a play-by-play account of this weeks show. Here are the most notable quotes from the show:

- Caller: "What about other US dates?" Tim: "Let's just say there are no US dates at this time"

- Caller: "Live stream or webcast for PJDW?" Tim: "Working on that. not a yes, but something we're still working out"

- Why no camping at Alpine?" Tim: "Alpine does have camping, but was too restrictive"

- Wonder how so many bands could play on one stage? PJDW will feature 1 main stage and 2 side stages

- Caller: "Ticket allocations?" Tim: "We don't have all the tickets for the pavilion, let's put it that way. We have a lot"

Updated Canadian Tour information...if you are going, you may wanna take a look...

Ten Club released NEW info. for the Canadian Tour. Check it out here.

Update on PJ Canada Tour fan club pre-sale.

Please note that we have made some improvements to our site over the past few weeks including a server upgrade made last night taking the site offline intermittently over the past 24 hours. The changes were made with hopes of making this ticket sale as smooth as possible.

In addition to the website improvements, we have decided to stagger the ticket sales over three different time slots as an extra fail safe. Please read the new pre-sale schedule below.

PJ CANADA TOUR: Tuesday May 24 10am - 5pm Pacific. (or until tickets are sold out)
Date City Venue Pre-sale Date / Time
7 - Sep Montreal Bell Centre May 24 / 10:00am Pacific
11-Sep Toronto Air Canada Centre May 24 / 10:00am Pacific
12-Sep Toronto Air Canada Centre May 24 / 10:00am Pacific
14-Sep Ottawa Scotiabank Place May 24 / 12:00pm Pacific
15-Sep Hamilton Copps Coliseum May 24 / 12:00pm Pacific
17-Sep Winnipeg MTS Centre May 24 / 12:00pm Pacific
19-Sep Saskatoon Credit Union Center May 24 / 12:00pm Pacific
21-Sep Calgary Scotiabank Saddledome May 24 / 1:00pm Pacific
23-Sep Edmonton Rexall Place May 24 / 1:00pm Pacific
25-Sep Vancouver Pacific Coliseum May 24 / 1:00pm Pacific

All other info in the initial announcement still applies including the pre-sale eligibility requirement. You can reference that information here:


Note: As with all Pearl Jam ticket sales, each pair of tickets must be purchased separately. Please keep this in mind when making your ticket purchases.

Please email tickets@tenclub.net with additional questions.

Monday, May 16, 2011

PJ20 Festival & Canadian Tour Info is HERE!!! UPDATE

Hey Guys,

Here's all the info. for the PJ20 Bash... one question...How much are the tickets???!!!

In celebration of the band's twenty-year anniversary, Pearl Jam will host and headline a Labor Day weekend concert celebration at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, WI, followed by a ten-date Canadian tour.

You must be a currently active member as of Sunday, May 15th at 11:59 pm Pacific to qualify for both pre-sales. Sorry, registering and purchasing a membership now will not make you eligible for these tickets.

PJ20 WEEKEND PRE-SALE: Monday, May 23 10am - Tuesday, May 24 5pm Pacific
(or until tickets are sold out)
Date City Venue Pre-sale Date / Time
3 - Sep East Troy Alpine Valley May 23 / 10:00am Pacific
4 - Sep East Troy Alpine Valley May 23 / 10:00am Pacific

It's going to be a big weekend. Here's an outline of how it will work for Ten Club members:

Fan Club 2 day package tickets. Single day tickets will not be available through Ten Club.
Priority Fan Club reserved shed seats and 10c exclusive fenced off lawn area (one night reserved and one night general admission)
Exclusive access to Ten Club Park: Shaded grassy area with amenities
Various Travel Package options for our fans traveling far and wide to celebrate with us
Ten Club pre-sale for Expo Center passes
And much much more....
Please visit pj20.com for full details on PJ20 Fan Club tickets, special offers, current line up info, and all things PJ20!

PJ CANADA TOUR: Tuesday May 24 10am - 5pm Pacific.
(or until tickets are sold out)
Date City Venue Pre-sale Date / Time
7 - Sep Montreal Bell Centre May 24 / 10:00am Pacific
11-Sep Toronto Air Canada Centre May 24 / 10:00am Pacific
12-Sep Toronto Air Canada Centre May 24 / 10:00am Pacific
14-Sep Ottawa Scotiabank Place May 24 / 10:00am Pacific
15-Sep Hamilton Copps Coliseum May 24 / 10:00am Pacific
17-Sep Winnipeg MTS Centre May 24 / 10:00am Pacific
19-Sep Saskatoon Credit Union Center May 24 / 10:00am Pacific
21-Sep Calgary Scotiabank Saddledome May 24 / 10:00am Pacific
23-Sep Edmonton Rexall Place May 24 / 10:00am Pacific
25-Sep Vancouver Pacific Coliseum May 24 / 10:00am Pacific

* All dates subject to change

Ten Club tickets are for reserved seating and allocated by membership seniority, with the exception of rows 1-2 and rows 9-10 which will be used for random lottery allocation.

Two tickets (1 pair) per member, per show. No single tickets. No group seating.

NOTE: $2 from every ticket sold to Pearl Jam's Labor Day anniversary weekend concert and Canadian tour will be donated to Vitalogy Foundation, which grants funds to non-profit organizations chosen personally by the members of Pearl Jam.

As with all Ten Club ticket orders, by placing an order for any tickets you are agreeing to the following terms.

Pre-sale tickets are first-come, first-serve, while supplies last, or until the end of the scheduled pre-sale. Whichever comes first.
Tickets will be distributed at will call on the evening of the performance. Only the registered Ten Club account owner will be allowed to collect the tickets. No exceptions.
The fan club member must collect the tickets in person with a valid photo identification. No exceptions.
Seat location is not revealed in advance of the show. You will find out your seat location when you pick your tickets up at will call.
Tickets for the pre-sale will be sold only on http://www.tenclub.net with a Visa or Mastercard. No phone or mail orders.
An email will be sent to you confirming your ticket purchase after all the pre-sales are over. In the meantime you can view your order confirmation number in your online order history.
Tickets are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, non-transferable, no exceptions. Please make absolutely sure you are able to attend the concert before purchasing tickets.
Reselling of Ten Club tickets will result in cancellation of ticket purchase and revocation of all future ticket benefits.
Ten Club reserves the right to refuse service to any members we feel are violating the Ten Club ticketing policy.
Visit this link http://www.pearljam.com/ten-club/tickets/ for information on the official rules, policies, and procedures for purchasing tickets from the Ten Club. We highly recommend that you read these details before purchasing tickets to a show so you are aware of how the ticketing system will work for you!

For ADA seating, please call 1-800-724-8038 at the posted pre-sale time which coincides with the show you would like to attend

Questions about Ten Club tickets can be directed to tickets@tenclub.net. We receive a lot of emails to this address, your patience is appreciated.

Public Ticket Sale:
East Troy - Saturday, June 4th 10am local time at www.ticketmaster.com

Canada (except Montreal) - Friday, May 27th 10am local time at www.ticketmaster.com

Montreal - Saturday, May 28th 10am local time at www.ticketmaster.com

UPDATE: Seems they have added the prices for the tickets.. Check out the info. below:

Reserved/Lawn Package

Two (2) reserved tickets for one night and two (2) general admission tickets to the other night. Which night you receive reserved seats will be determined by the Ten Club. There are no exchanges and no exceptions. $334.00/weekend

Lawn Only

Two (2) general admission tickets for each night. These tickets include (2) wristbands that will provide access to the Ten Club viewing area on the lawn. This area will be open to wristbanded Ten Club members only and will open when the gates open and the fence will be removed when Pearl Jam begins their set. This area is the front of the lawn. $252/weekend

All 10C members purchasing pre-order ticket packages will have access to the Ten Club Park- a shady, grassy area to get away from it all. There will be some refreshments available (some free), 10C bathrooms and an all-around good vibe. This area DOESN’T have a view of the mainstage and it is limited to capacity.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

PJ20 Festival announcement this upcoming week

Seems like that "birdie" showed up again on the Ten Club forum yesterday. Here's what he said....
Tweet (gasp) Tweet

The little birdie fluttered and landed with great force on our picnic blanket.

"Where have you been and what's with the backpack?" we inquired.

"I've been so busy making plans, trying to get everything ready for a special weekend. And do you know how hard it is to fly with a pack on my back?" the birdie said.

"Ah…a special destination weekend perhaps?" we said.

The little birdie exclaimed, "Well, of course! Have you been living in a valley? Just make sure your memberships are up to date by midnight Sunday (Pacific Time) or you'll be sorry."

"Ok, little birdie, thank you for the heads-up. We appreciate it. Where are you going next, birdie?" we said.

"To the great white North!”

So what does this mean???? Well, here's what I think...

1. It's a "special weekend" so at least two days...

2. "Have you been living in a valley?" - "Valley" referring to Alpine Valley, perhaps??

3. Where was he headed..."to the Great White North" which means Canada. It tells me that they will do some shows in Canada first before doing the festival. Looks like there may be some shows in August then.

Did you get the same things outta this message that I did???!!!

More importantly.... does everyone have a travel buddy????