Saturday, February 26, 2011

Are we going to East Troy, WI ?!!

Is this where we're going this Summer??!!! Never been but looks nice... Heard alot about the place.... Should I bring a jacket???!!! I'll talk about it on the next podcast.... stay tuned!!!!

Given To Cast Merch Store is now open

Wanna Given To Cast T-Shirt, coffee mug or other item AND help a Pearl Jam charity at the same time? Well, head over to my Zazzle store and starting buying up all the GTC merch you want. A portion of the profits will go to The Wishlist Foundation

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BIG NEWS!!!!! I may have pin pointed the "WHEN"

Hearing a little rumbling from some friends and connections I have... I may know "WHEN" I will be spending my Summer Vacation... we already established the "WHAT"... stay tuned to the podcast!!!

Can't give it up just yet. I was sworn to keep the information under wraps for the time being. Tune into the next podcast for more information....

Now, if I only knew which highway I will have take to get there....hmmmm...

Friday, February 04, 2011

Given To Cast Podcast - Episode 2-4-2011

picture by Mario Aguilar - Houston 10-14-2000

Well, a couple of days late but here it is: the latest podcast. A lot more music on this one and a lot less me, which in my opinion is a good thing. Enjoy!!!


Show Notes:

Opening Tag: Kathy and John from Two Feet Thick Dot Com
Opening Song: Arms Aloft from Live on Ten Legs
Extra Song: Far Behind - Eddie Vedder live from Berkley, CA
Week in Review - Visiting Pearl Jam fan sites for latest news
Song of the Week: Down - Live from ???
Venture Between The Songs: Ed talks about Kanye West
Rare Song: Public Enemy from Live on ten Legs
Last Song: Glorified G live from ???

New Given To Cast contest


Looking for new fans to open the show for me. You know, at the beginning of the show where someone says their name and ''re listening to Given To Cast'??? I am in need of some new opening tags.

Here's where you come in. Here's all you have to do. Record a 5 to 15 second message like, "My name is _________ and you are listening to Given To Cast!" or you can be original and make up one of your own. Send it to my email: (MP3 or wav files preferred). If you don't have the capability to do this yourself, PM me on Facebook page and I will send you my phone number where you can just record it on my voice mail. I will make this an on going contest for a while or until I get enough submissions. The best one will get a nice prize to be determined later. Good Luck and start sending me your submissions. Ready??!! Contest starts....NOW!!

Rules: Must be at least 5 seconds long and no longer than 20 secs.
This contest will be open until further notice.
By submitting your audio, you are giving me permission to use it
as I see fit and it becomes property of Given To Cast.
Prize will be given to one (1) lucky winner deemed to be best by me.