Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting ready for PJ20 Festival...are you?

Hello, Jammers,

Just wanted to update you on how things are going. I have my ear to the ground and trying to confirm what all my sources on when and where the PJ 20 festival will be. The majority of people I am speaking with and what is churning in the Rumor Mill, is that it'll be happening Labor Day Weekend (Sat. and Sun.)in East Troy, WI at Alpine Valley Amphitheater. So I have taken the liberty to book rooms for that weekend in a nearby town, just in case. My airfare will not be purchased until I know for sure. And tickets will be bought when Ten Club sells them.

On the podcast side, I have decided that doing a VIDEO cast from the event may be possible through my phone but I will have to do some tests and see if it's the way to go. The software I want to use will allow me to post a live stream on my blog site and Facebook page. If I don't think it will work, I will go back to the live podcast.

Does anyone have any suggestions, please email them or send me a message thru Facebook page and I will look them over and see if they are something we can add to the experience.