Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Given To Cast 2006 Christmas Show

Hey guys, Well, I thought I would post the Christmas Podcast from 2006 because I just haven't found the time to do a new one. My New Year's Resolution is to start putting a little time aside for the podcast. I feel like I am not giving it the attention it needs. So I pledge to do better. With that, I will end the year with a contest for you listeners. You have to listen to the podcast to find the answer. Here's the question: What does the little girl ask Santa for Christmas??? All correct answers will go into a hat and I will pick one name as winner of a copy of Pearl Jam's VS CD... Good luck!! Given to Cast 2006 Christmas Show

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Pearl jam Announces 2012 European/UK Tour

Pearl Jam is pleased to announce they will headline three European festivals and six of their own shows between June 20th and July 10th, 2012. Los Angeles punk rockers X will serve as the support act for all Pearl Jam’s own headlining shows. Pearl Jam 2012 European/UK Tour Listed by: Date, City,Venue, Ten Club Pre-Sale,Public On-Sale 6/20/12 Manchester, United Kingdom MEN Arena Dec 13, 2011 9AM PST (9 GMT) Dec 16, 2011 6/23/12 Isle Of Wight, United Kingdom Isle Of Wight Festival N/A On Sale Now 6/26/12 Amsterdam, Netherlands Ziggo Dome Dec 13, 2011 9AM PST (9 GMT) Dec 17, 2011 Livenation Ticketmaster 6/29/12 Werchter, Belgium Rockwerchter Festival N/A On Sale Now 6/30/12 Arras, France Main Square Festival N/A Dec 13, 2011 7/4/12 Berlin, Germany O2 Arena Dec 13, 2011 9AM PST (9 GMT) Dec 15, 2011 7/7/12 Stockholm, Sweden Ericsson Globe Arena Dec 13, 2011 9AM PST (9 GMT) Dec 15, 2011 7/9/12 Oslo, Norway Spektrum Dec 13, 2011 9AM PST (9 GMT) Dec 15, 2011 7/10/12 Copenhagen, Denmark Forum Dec 13, 2011 9AM PST (9 GMT) Dec 15, 2011 All dates are subject to change. The Ten Club has been hard at work evaluating and updating its systems to better serve the Ten Club members. We are now happy to announce we are holding a fan club members only pre-sale on Tuesday, December 13th from 9am – 5pm Pacific for all eligible members. One of the first changes we’re introducing is a partnership with Crowdsurge to aid in your online ticket purchasing experience through the Ten Club. A new ticketing system means new process for purchasing pre-sale tickets. Eligible members will receive an email with more detailed information. Eligibility • Only members active as of Monday, December 5th at 11:59pm PST are eligible for the fan club pre-sale. • Memberships purchased after that date and time will not be eligible for this pre-sale. • Expired members who did not renew by the deadline, but are still within their grace period are not considered active members and are not eligible for the pre-sale. Your grace period applies to retaining seniority status only. Ticket Info • Fan Club ticket pairs are for standing floor only with the exception of Manchester where you will have the option of either: - Standing floor tickets - A small section of reserved tickets on the first level. Please choose wisely as these two ticket options cannot be exchanged. • Seated tickets will be available through the general public sale for all non-festival shows with the exception of Copenhagen, which does not offer seating. • Ten Club will hold an Early Entry for all standing floor fan club pre-sale ticket holders. One pair of Early Entry wristbands will be distributed per standing ticket pair at will call. • All shows are All Ages with the exception of the following shows. Please note these are venue issued and enforced safety restrictions. -Manchester (14+ Floor, Reserved seats All Ages if accompanied by adult) -Berlin (16+ unless accompanied by an adult) -Stockholm (13+, no exceptions) • For Manchester reserved tickets only- seat locations are assigned based on seniority in the fan club. Seat locations are not revealed in advance. You will find out your seat location when you pick your tickets up at will call. • You may purchase one pair of tickets for as many shows as you like in one order. No need to purchase shows separately. • For disabled seating and pricing, please email with the email subject “DISABLED SEATING” no later than December 12th. Ten Club will respond with information on how to make your online disabled ticket pair purchase through the CrowdSurge site on the day of the pre-sale. Important • will be your Ten Club ticketing destination. Tickets will not be available on • By participating in the pre-sale you agree to Ten Club’s Ticketing Policy, CrowdSurge’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. • Ten Club pre-sale begins on December 13, 2011 at 9:00am PST / 5:00pm GMT. The pre-sale ends at 5:00pm PST / 1 AM GMT on December 13, 2011.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Pearl Jam Tour Announcement this coming week

Looks like the guys are continuing to keep hitting the road in 2012. Sea from The Ten Club forums posted this yesterday:
A little birdie tweeted us to say "we should have our Ten Club memberships & addresses up to date by the 5th of December." Then he flew away tweeting something that we thought sounded like, "Cheerio, Auf Wiedersehen, Farvel…"
People are interpreting this post to mean that the guys will be heading to Europe once again. England, Germany, Denmark.. It seems they may announce the tour dates sometime after Dec.5. Check back here for full list of dates when they become available...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Not For You" video directed by Cameron Crowe

As part of the the release of PEARL JAM TWENTY on DVD and BluRay, it seems the band has decided to release a music video for "Not For You". They got Cameron Crowe to direct it using archival footage that includes Jack Irons playing drums... Pretty cool... Check it out!!! Pearl Jam Twenty "Not For You" music video Found this one when searching for video on You Tube. Thought it was worth a posting...

Friday, October 14, 2011

SuperGlued PJ20 Lithograph signed by Pearl Jam

Well, my doorbell just rang and I answer it and see the FedEx guy leaving a 5' long tube and I was thinking it was gonna be a poster I bought... but low and behold it is the LONG awaited arrival of the SuperGlued lithograph... I was under the impression that it would be a 10"x12" signed picture but it is actually a 40"x27" PJ20 movie poster/lithograph SIGNED in silver paint pen by all five members of the band...SWEET!!!! This is now my prize PJ possession!!! Still waiting for the Discography but i am sure it'll be here shortly... Thank you SuperGlued and Pearl Jam... Very Happy!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

UPDATE: Pearl Jam "Green Bay" logo decal giveaway

Hey Guys, Gonna giveaway a "Green Bay" Pearl Jam logo decal to ten (10) lucky winners.... Here's what you need to do, make an audio tag for the podcast... All you have to say is, "Hi, (YOUR NAME) from (WHERE YOU ARE FROM) and you are listening to Given To Cast"... send me an mp3 or wav file of your show tag to and I will send 10 lucky winners the decal. If you have already sent me tag or I have a tag already from you, you will automatically be entered in drawing... Hurry, contest ends October 14th, 2011 at 11:59 cst UPDATE: Extending drawing for Green Bay "PJ" logo decals until October 31, 2011 at 11:58 cst. Keep sending in your audio files for the show. INSTRUCTIONS on how to use your smart phone to send audio file: 1. Use any Smartphone , i.e. "iPhone, Blackberry, Android. 2. Start Voice Recorder App that should be on your phone or you can download a free one from your app store. 3. Record 10-15 sec show tag similar to this script: " Hi, I'm from and you are listening to Given To Cast." 4. Save file using your name as file name and send via email attachment to: 5. Listen to future podcast to hear your show tag!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Pearl Jam Twenty Soundtrack hits the charts this week

Pearl Jam Twenty Soundtrack has debuted at #1 on the Hard Rock Albums Charts. It also debuted at #1 on Alternative Album Charts, #10 on Billboard 200, #2 Top Rock Album, #20 Digital Album and #12 on Canadian Album Charts.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

UPDATE: Pearl Jam Twenty at No. 1 at the box office this weekend... kinda!!!

I know that we as dedicated Pearl Jam fans don't care what the movie made in terms of box office receipts but I think it is a very good indicator of the popularity of the movie, given that it was only released, domestically in less than 99 theaters... Using that as a gauge and knowing that in most of those theaters there were only two or three showings in one day, the movie made $280,343, according to UPDATE: I know what you are saying about the title of this post... Lion King 3D was #1.... that's true but...This weekend, PEARL JAM TWENTY was Number 1 in Platform theaters of 99 or less.... It was only shown in 9 theaters this weekend (Sept. 23 - 25) and it avg. $9,946 for a total of $89,514 for THREE DAYS on NINE screens. So, yes Pearl Jam Twenty is Number 1(Sept. 23-25 in catagory of movies showing on 99 screens or less). Kinda of misleading I agree.... but true. Note: these numbers do not reflect the sales of PPV viewings this weekend...

Friday, September 23, 2011

SPOILER ALERT!!! Fan Club Single and Deep Magazine are out!!

Hey guys, Just got a hold of pictures of the NEW fan club single and the cover of the latest DEEP mag as well.... Don't wanna see them tell it reaches you, then turn a way now.... all pictures are by half empty of Pearl Jam Forum
Songs are - "No Jeremy" and " Falling Down" from June 20, 1995 vinyl size: 10" disc

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PJ20 movie to air on PayPerView Saturday in US

Hey guys, Looks like the powers that be have decided to show PEARL JAM TWENTY on Pay-Per-View this Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 24th and 25th. Check your local listings. i know for sure that Directv, Time-Warner, Comcast and Dish will be showing it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Given to Cast - Episode 9-23-2011

Hey guys,

In honor of the release of PEARL JAM TWENTY today, I have come out with a new podcast. A lot of great music including some songs from the PJ20 Soundtrack and some songs from Night II of the PJ20 Weekend. Enjoy!!!


Show Notes:
The Week in Review
Song of the Week: songs from PJ20 soundtrack
GTC Extras: select songs from PJ20 Night II

Friday, September 16, 2011

Podcast pushed back til next week....

Sorry, guys but my headphone/mic gave out on me... have to buy another one... Gonna try this weekend and have something for you on Monday. Thanks for your patience!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Given To Cast - PJ20 Edition Pt. 1

Hey guys,

The PJ20 Edition Part 1 is up and ready for your listening pleasure... Great music and shout outs from some of my friends, including Tim from The Ten Club, Jessica from, the coolest guys in the world, Travis and Chris from Virginia, Daniel and Brian from Texas, Tom from Philly and more...

Show Notes:

- The Week in Review: PJ20 highlights, tailgating, the fundraiser and Night 1
- Song of the Week: Ole (new song - Download it for FREE at
- Extras: Songs from the first night including: Release, In My tree, In The Moonlight, Who You Are, Rearviewmirror and of course,
TEMPLE OF THE DOG (Stardog Champion(Mother Love Bone), Say Hello 2 Heaven, Reach Down, Hunger Strike)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

PJ20 Night II setlist - September 4, 2011

PJ20 Night II setlist - September 4, 2011

Main Set: Wash, The Fixer, Severed Hand, All Night, Given To Fly, Pilate, Love Boat Captain, Habit, Even Flow, Daughter (It’s Ok tag), Leatherman, Red Mosquito, Satan’s Bed, Elderly Woman Behind A Counter in A Small Town, Unknown Thought, New World, Black, Jeremy
Encore I: NEW SONG (written during weekend), Just Breathe, Nothingman, No Way, Public Image, Smile, Spin The Black Circle
Encore II: Hunger Strike, Call Me A Dog, All Night Thing, Reach Down, Sonic Reducer
Encore III: Alive, Rockin’ In The Free World, Yellow Ledbetter (Star Spangled Banner ending)

PJ20 Night I setlist - September 3, 2011

PJ20 Setlist Night I

Main Set: Release, Arms Aloft, Do The Evolution, Got Some, In My Tree, Faithful, Who You Are, Push Me Pull Me, Setting Forth, Not For You/(Improv), In The Moonlight, Deep, Help Help, Breath, Education, Once, State of Love and Trust, Better Man, Wasted Reprise, Life Wasted

Encore I: Rearviewmirror, Stardog Champion, Say Hello 2 Heaven, Reach Down, Hunger Strike, Love Reign O’er Me, Porch

Encore II: Kick Out The Jams

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Wishlist Foundation Fundraiser Party & 10C tix pictures

So we are excited that the day has finally come...PJ20 is on!!!! Last night we hit up the Wishlist Foundation Pre Party and there were tons for PJ fans... They even hit capacity by 8:00pm... Took video and pics of the night... some pics below....

...Above is what we got in our Ten Club packets... great goodies, including Live PJ CD, a single from Jeff Ament upcoming CD featuring Mike McCready and Joseph Arthur, 30 day trial of Sirius/XM and of course the tickets... BTW, we got Sec. 102, Row F... pretty decent seats for tonight... Check back here for some video of the day as I can upload it...

Friday, September 02, 2011

PJ20 Day1: Miller Park in Milwaukee

Hey guys,

We are here and ready for PJ20 but before we head down to East Troy and Lake Genea later today, check out the pictures from the game. We sat in the Loge Box seats with 10 clubbers. Will try to video cast some today and tonight when we go get tickets and fundraiser. Check back here later today... May have internet connection problems so please be patient. I will be uploading video when internet connection is available. For you guys going tonight, we will see you there.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ten Club Park looks almost done

Looks like there's not more to do to the Ten Club Park... ready for us to enjoy the music, the scenery and the cool vibe!!!!


This was released by Alpine Valley Music Theatre. There is one mistake I found. It states that this will be "The only 2011 live concerts by Pearl Jam". That isn't true because they are playing in Canada and South and Central America. They may have meant only American dates in 2011. But anyway, here it is in its entirety:

Part of the Pearl Jam Labor Day Weekened Concert Celebration

This Saturday and Sunday at Alpine Valley Music Theatre

In addition to live music by Pearl Jam, The Strokes, Queens of the Stone Age, Mudhoney, and more, plus other special surprises, Pearl Jam fans will have the ability to check out some of the most creative poster art in the country at the Second Annual Ten Club Rock N’ Art Poster Convention, onsite at the Pearl Jam Labor Day Weekend Concert Celebration at Alpine Valley this Saturday and Sunday.

Onsite poster artists at the convention are the Ames Bros./Barry Ament & Coby Schultz (, Brad Klausen (, Brian Methe, Jermaine Rogers (, Justin Hampton (, Mark 5 (, Munk One (, and Maxx242 ( And, to celebrate Pearl Jam’s twentieth anniversary in their own unique fashion, both Munk One and Maxx242 will be painting not to canvas, but to billboards.

2011 is a yearlong celebration of Pearl Jam’s twenty-year history. The band started off the year with the release of a new live compilation album, Live on Ten Legs, followed by the expanded reissues of Vs. and Vitalogy in March. Things kick into high gear in September with the Alpine Valley Labor Day anniversary weekend concert, followed by the release of Cameron Crowe’s film, Pearl Jam Twenty, with accompanying book and soundtrack album. For the latest Pearl Jam happenings, visit

Limited tickets are still available for these very special once-in-a-lifetime concert events, featuring: The only 2011 live concerts by Pearl Jam, plus guests The Strokes, Queens of the Stone Age, Mudhoney, John Doe, Joseph Arthur, Glen Hansard, Liam Finn, The New No2, David Garza, Star Anna, The Young Evils, and Jason Lytle; the second annual Ten Club Rock N’ Art Poster Convention; plus many more surprises that are available to all fans with the purchase of just a general admission lawn ticket. For the most up to date information available about the Pearl Jam Labor Day Weekend Anniversary Concert Celebration, please visit





Tickets available at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre Box Office, online at and, or charge by phone at (800) 745-3000.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten Club Park Tent is going up...

picture from Alpine Valley Facebook Page

Looks like an awesome to kick back and speak with some awesome people... I will be there for sure...

Mike McCready practicing before PJ20

pictures taken from McCready's Tumblr page

Looks like Mike McCready is getting a little more practice in before this weekend's big event.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Alpine Valley Music Theatre Official PJ20 Weekend Information

Alpine Valley Music Theatre sent me an email today the goes over the basic questions you may have about the weekend. This my help you if you are like me and never have been there before. NOTE: If you have any questions you need answering that are not mentioned below, please email Read below:

See you this weekend for the Pearl Jam Destination Weekend! Here are some FAQs to help you prepare for the show:

==Alpine Valley Music Theatre FAQs==

Q: What are the times I need to know for the Pearl Jam shows?
A: Parking lots, will call windows, and the box office will open at 9:00am. Do not arrive to the theatre or surrounding roadways prior to this time. Early entry to the parking lots will not be offered for the Pearl Jam shows. Gates to the theatre will open at 11:00am, and the bands begin at 12:00pm. The show is expected to end at 11:30pm.

Q: What can I bring into the theatre for the Pearl Jam shows?
A: You may bring the following into the theatre for the show: extra clothes, small blankets, small backpacks or bags, purses, factory-sealed or empty water bottles up to 1 gallon in size, empty Camelbaks, food in clear Ziploc-style containers, soft cooler, low level lawn chairs (no more than 5” off the ground), small personal umbrellas, and non-professional cameras.

Q: Is re-entry permitted to and from the parking lots throughout the day?
A: Re-entry will not be permitted for these shows. Once you have left the theatre, you will not be permitted to re-enter.

Q: What bands are performing, what stage, and when?
A: A downloadable venue map and complete lineup with tentative set times is on . Keep in mind that the reserved seating and lawn areas for the main stage will open at 3:00pm.

Q: Where do VIP or Expo Pass guests enter the theatre?
A: These guests should enter at the VIP entrance which is located under the canopy to the main Expo building next to gate #1.

Q: Where do I park?
A: VIP Parking, motorcycles, and oversize vehicles should enter at the main theatre entrance and you’ll be directed to the proper parking area. All other vehicles will be directed to the closest available parking lots based upon traffic flow.

Q: I am a Ten Club member, can I use a special gate to get into the theatre itself?
A: Yes! Gate #1 is reserved exclusively for Ten Club members.

Q: I am bringing a bus, RV, camper, or other oversize vehicle to the show; do I need to do anything special?
A: Yes, you should enter only at the main theatre entrance and you will be directed to the proper parking area. Also, oversize vehicles are subject to a $100 parking fee (cash only) upon entry. Limos are subject to a $75 fee. In addition, oversize vehicles are not permitted to park in the VIP and Premium Parking areas.

Q: What are things I cannot bring in to the Pearl Jam shows?
A: The following is a list of common items that will not permitted into the theatre for these shows: All audio and video recording devices; any cameras with detachable lenses; cans or bottles of any kind (other than factory-sealed or empty water bottles); large blankets and tarps; high lawn chairs; golf umbrellas; strollers; sharp, studded or pointed jewelry or clothing; weapons of any kind including pocket knives, pepper spray or wallet chains; laser pointers or glow sticks; banners, flags, or signs; fireworks of any kind; and any other items deemed to be unsafe by theatre management. This list is subject to change at any time per tour requests. Our information line at 262.642.4400 is updated with this information as soon as we receive it from the tour.

Q: I need disabled accessible parking. What do I do?
A: Enter at the Alpine Valley RESORT entrance which is ½ mile east of the theatre entrance and you will be directed to the proper parking area. This is located at an entrance that has an “A-Frame” structure over it. Shuttle service is provided from the disabled accessible lot to the theatre and the second stage areas (but not to/from the other parking lots).

Q: Can I park overnight at Alpine Valley? Can I camp at Alpine Valley?
A: Unfortunately, county ordinances prohibit us from allowing overnight parking and we are not offering camping for any shows this season.

Q: Where are nearby campgrounds or lodging?
A: Visit for local campgrounds. Search popular travel sites for hotels in East Troy, Elkhorn, Mukwonago, Delavan, Lake Geneva, and surrounding areas for lodging options.

Q: I lost something at an Alpine Valley show, what do I do?
A: Send an e-mail with a description of what you lost with as many details as possible along with your contact information to

Q: I just got my tickets and my lawn seats have rows and seat numbers on them, what does this mean?
A: All lawn seating at Alpine Valley is general admission. The row and seat numbers on lawn tickets are for record keeping purposes only.

Q: I just got my tickets and my seat numbers are not sequential, what’s does this mean?
A: Reserved seats are numbered as follows: Sections 101 & 201- Odd numbers (1,3,5...) with lower numbers beginning at the center aisle. Sections 103 & 203- Even numbers (2,4,6…) with lower numbers beginning at the center aisle. Sections 102 & 202- Sequential numbers (100,101,102…) beginning with 100, moving from stage left to stage right.

Q: How do I buy tickets for Alpine Valley shows?
A: Tickets for all Alpine Valley shows are available at,, or charge by phone at 800.745.3000.

Q: How do I get to the theatre, I cannot find anything online?
A: Visit, search for Alpine Valley, then click “Driving Directions.”

Alpine Valley Music Theatre

Friday, August 26, 2011

Rehersals have begun!!!

pictures taken from Mike McCready's Tumblr page

Looks like the guys are busy getting ready for the big celebration on Labor Day Weekend. Can't wait!!! 6 days til we leave, 8 til we see some old friends!!!

Another Teaser video of Pearl Jam TWENTY

Here's another released video clip of PJ doing "Betterman" at MSG in 2010... The whole video of the song will debut on Sept. 1st. Here's the clip:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jeff Ament talks about the new Pearl Jam shoes from Vans

Hey guys,

I thought I'd post this video of Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam visiting the House of Vans for a skate session and to talk about his collaboration with Vans. Pretty cool.
Click the link to check it out!

Pearl Jam / Vans video

Monday, August 22, 2011

UPDATE:Venue Map for PJ20 released

PJ20 page has pdf downloadable version of the venue map for PJ20. It could come handy for those that have never been to Alpine Valley.

NOTE: Glen Hansard performance time is incorrect. He will be playing 3:50 - 4:40.

UPDATE: Charging station located in the 10 Club Park will be FREE to 10 Club members only. They will have charging cords for iPhones, Android and Blackberry phones.

Pearl Jam to play Jimmy Fallon show Sept 8th and 9th

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon announced that Pearl Jam will be playing the show on Sept. 8th and 9th. Cameron Crowe, director of the documentary entitled, "Pearl Jam Twenty" will be a guest on Sept. 8th.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hey guys,

I wanted to make a correction for a previous post. I posted a picture from the Alpine Valley Facebook page and I stated that this was a drawing of the MAIN stage and it was not. It's a drawing of what the the 2 other stages will look like at the top of the hill. Thank you Joel MacKaay on Facebook for bringing that to my attention. Good looking out!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Given To Cast Podcast - Episode 8-19-2011

What???!!! Two podcast in two weeks!!!! Something must be up, right??!! Yup, it sure is... PJ20 is coming!!! PJ20 is coming!!! PJ20 is coming!!! Had to do one more for the faithful.. Enjoy!!!!


Show Notes:

- Week In Review
- Song of the Week (Crown of Thorns)
- GTC Extra (Mike McCready's Sunglasses Song)
- Trivia Contest
- Live Rarities (Fallin' Down)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pearl Jam Twenty Soundtrack - Complete Track Listing

We found out today the track listing for PEARL JAM Twenty's soundtrack. Here's the complete track listing:

UPDATING as I figure out names of tracks.

Pearl Jam TWENTY Soundtrack

Track 1: Release (Verona, Italy)
Track 2: Alive (Moore Theater, Seattle, WA, USA)
Track 3: Garden (Zurich, Switzerland)
Track 4: Why Go (Hamburg, Germany)
Track 5: Black (Unplugged, New York, NY, USA)
Track 6: Blood (Auckland, New Zealand)
Track 7: Last Exit (Taipei, Taiwan)
Track 8: Not For You (Manila, Philippines)
Track 9: Do The Evolution (Monkeywrench Radio, Seattle, WA)
Track 10: Thumbing My Way (Chop Suey, Seattle WA, USA)
Track 11: Crown of Thorns (Las Vegas, NV, USA)
Track 12: Let Me Sleep It’s Christmas Time (Verona, Italy)
Track 13: Walk With Me (Mountain View, CA)
Track 14: Just Breathe (Saturday Night Live, NY, NY, USA)
Track 15: Say Hello2 Heaven (Demo)
Track 16: Times of Trouble (Demo)
Track 17: Acoustic #1 (Demo)
Track 18: It Ain’t Like That (Demo)
Track 19: Need to Know (Demo)
Track 20: Be Like Wind (Demo)
Track 21: Given To Fly (Instrumental)
Track 22: Nothing As It Seems (Demo)
Track 23: Nothing As It Seems (Seattle, WA)
Track 24: Indifference (Bologna, Italy)
Track 25: Of The Girl (Instrumental)
Track 26: Faithful (Pistoia, Italy)
Track 27: Bu$hleaguer (Uniondale, NY)
Track 28: Betterman (New York, NY)
Track 29: Rearviewmirror (Los Angeles, CA)

Monday, August 15, 2011

PJ20 Stage setup concept art

Hey guys,

I was visiting Alpine Valley's facebook page and they have posted what the stage setup MIGHT look like . Check it out below. Remember, this is hasn't been confirmed as the final setup. Just thought I'd post it so that you can visit their Facebook page and voice your opinion. I personally think that it is not a good a idea unless they make a center stage for the last four acts... I don't think I would mind looking left to right for all the other bands but not for Pearl Jam. I think that would definately take away for the experience. Please voice you opinons to them if you agree.

Possible Layout for PJ20 stages

SuperGlued/PJ20 Winning Video

I thought I would post the video here on the site so that more of guys can see the winning video from the SuperGlued contest. I really think all the videos were great and I think the winning video deserves the Grand Prize. Congratulations to all the finalist!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Given To Cast /PJ20 schedule for weekend

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to post what I will be doing and where I should be during my trip to WI. This itinerary is just a rough estimate on where I will be and when I will be video casting from there. All times are subject to change.

Thursday, September 1
6:00am - 1:30pm Flying into Milwaukee from San Antonio, TX
3:00pm - 6:30pm Brewers v Cards sitting in PJ 10 Club section (Sec. 223 Row 10)
6:30pm - ??? Check out the Milwaukee night life

Friday, September 2
8:00am - 9:00am Wake up and eat breakfast
9:00am - 3:00pm Go do some sight seeing in Milwaukee
including visiting The Miller Brewery
3:00pm - 4:00 pm Rest at hotel
4:30pm - ??? Wishlist Foundation Pre-PJ20 Fundraising Party at Hemingway's
in Lake Geneva (Video cast at some point in the evening)
???? - ???? May hit up other private parties then head to hotel to sleep.

Saturday, September 3

8:00am - 12:00am Get up and get ready for Day 1 of PJ20
12:00pm - 1:30pm Start driving to Alpine Valley
1:30pm - 4:00pm Tailgating with 30,000 of my closest friends
(random video casting and will be interviewing
Pearl Jam fans and getting audio for the podcast)
4:00 - 5:00 Head into the show and check out Ten Club Park
(random video casting and will be interviewing
Pearl Jam fans and getting audio for the podcast)
5:30 - ???? Grabbin' a beer and heading to my seat to check out
the first night from up close.
1:00 am - ???? Fighting the traffic back to New Berlin

Sunday, September 4
8:00am - 12:00am Get up and get ready for Day 1 of PJ20
12:00pm - 1:30pm Start driving to Alpine Valley
1:30pm - 3:00pm Tailgating with 30,000 of my closest friends
(random video casting and will be interviewing
Pearl Jam fans and getting audio for the podcast)
3:00 - 5:00 Head into the show and check out Ten Club Park and
watch some of the bands I missed the day before
(random video casting and will be interviewing
Pearl Jam fans and getting audio for the podcast)
5:30 - ???? Grabbin' a beer and heading to Ten Club Cage to grab my spot.
1:00 am - ???? Fighting the traffic back to New Berlin

I will be posting on facebook where I am at all times. Friend me at


and you will will get updates, including live feeds from Alpine Valley. Come up to me and say "Hey" and I'll put you on the video cast or the podcast. Hope to see all my PJ family!!!

GTC is a runner up winner of SuperGlued/PJ20 Contest

Well, there's some good news and bad news... The bad news is that I didn't win the Grand Prize trip to PJ20... The good news is that I along with 10 other PJ fans won the runner up prize pack which includes: en Pearl Jam fans win a Pearl Jam prize pack including: Ten, Vs., Vitalogy, No Code, Yield, Binaural, Riot Act, Pearl Jam, Backspacer, and a signed lithograph. Congrats to the winner and all the other finalist... See you guys in WI!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

PJ20 Show performance times have been released

Here are the performance times for the artist at PJ20.




THE STROKES 8:15-9:00P
MUDHONEY 6:00-6:45P


JOHN DOE 4:40-5:30P
LIAM FINN 3:10-3:50P
THENEWNO2 2:00-2:30P
JASON LYTLE 1:00-1:30P
THE YOUNG EVILS 12:00-12:30P


DAVID GARZA 1:30-2:00P
and the
Laughing Dogs 12:30-1:00P

Given To Cast Podcast - Episode 8-12-2011

Hey guys,

The latest podcast is up and ready. If you want to hear it, click the player below. Here are your show notes:

Show Notes:

- The Week In Review - some PJ20 info.
- Song of the Week - Eddie Vedder songs
- Rare Song - Oceans unplugged from MTV Unplugged series
- Winner of VS CD contest
- Rare song - Everyday (Buddy Holly cover)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

So here's what I submitted... meh??!!!

Well, guys I finally got my video done and upload to You Tube for the 2nd Round of the PJ20/SuperGlued contest... I have to say I don't expect to win but I thought I should at least make an attempt... so here it is... BTW, I did see all the other submissions posted thus far and I have to say I like my chances for the gift pack...

Monday, August 08, 2011

SuperGlued Pearl Jam Finalist

Hey guys,

Almost done with podcast but I have had to put it on hold because I have another pressing deadline. I have been notified by SuperGlued that I, along with 19 others, are finalists in the Pearl Jam Destination Weekend Contest. I now have to put together a 1 to 5 minute long video about why Pearl Jam is my favorite band. I have to turn it in by Thursday, Aug. 11th!!!! So wish me luck guys and I invite you all to view it when I post it here on Thursday. Wish me luck and good luck to all the other finalist!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Win a PJ20 weekend Destination package from SuperGlued

I usually don't promote too much stuff here but this is pretty cool... I can see this off and you can win a trip to PJ20... Check it out!!!

PJ20 and SuperGlued

You can find Given To Cast there too... Look me up!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

UPDATE:Central & South American Tour

Hey guys:

Just passing information that I received from the 10C for you fans buying tickets to the shows in South America and Mexico. Here's the info. NOTE: Passwords have been delete as per the 10C's request.

Some links and passwords have been changed. Please use the updated information below.

Costa Rica information still to come, so stay tuned!

Since the information has changed, this email applies to members active as of Sunday, July 17th. Members signing up after that date will not be sent this email.

Ten Club Members:

Our passionate and dedicated friends in the Southern Hemisphere have been anticipating this day for many many years, so today we are very pleased to announce Pearl Jam's 2011 South and Central America Tour!!!

Date Venue City Pre-sale Date/Time Public Sale Date
Nov 4 Morumbi Sao Paulo, Brazil July 22 12:00am local August 1st
Nov 6 Apoteose Rio de Janeiro, Brazil July 22 12:00am local August 1st
Nov 9 Estadio Parana do Clube Curitiba, Brazil July 22 12:00am local August 1st
Nov 11 Zequinha Porto Alegre, Brazil July 22 12:00am local August 1st
Nov 13 Estadio Unico La Plata Buenos Aires, Argentina July 22 8:00pm local August 1st
Nov 16 Estadio Monumental Santiago, Chile July 22 20:00hrs local August 1st
Nov 18 Estadio San Marcos Lima, Peru July 22 00:00hrs local July 27th
Nov 20 Estadio Nacional San Jose, Costa Rica July 22 12:00am local TBA
Nov 24 Foro Sol Mexico DF, Mexico July 18/19 11am-8pm local July 22nd

A fan club only pre-sale will be conducted through the venues public ticket vendor while supplies last. Ticket sales are limited, so please be ready to purchase right at the specified on-sale time. Fan Club pre-sale tickets are available in all location options while supplies last. Ticket prices are listed below in local currency and will very depending on the ticket option you choose. You may purchase up to 4 tickets maximum for each show. Pre-sale times are all listed in local time.

Please read the pre-sale info carefully as the dates, times, and ticket info varies from show to show!

Sao Paulo, Brazil
July, 22 at 12:00am until July 24th at 12:00am
Ticket Price: R$190 - R$380 BRL Real per ticket
Ten Club Pre-sale Link:
Ten Club Pre-sale Password:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
July, 22 12:00am until July 24th at 12:00am
Ticket Price: R$250 - R$350 BRL Real per ticket
Ten Club Pre-sale Link:
Ten Club Pre-sale Password:

Curitiba, Brazil:
July, 22 12:00am until July 24th at 12:00am
Ticket Price: R$100 - R$300 BRL Real per ticket
Ten Club Pre-sale Link:
Ten Club Pre-sale Password:

Porto Alegre, Brazil:
July, 22 12:00am until July 24th at 12:00am
Ticket Price: R$150 - R$200 BRL Real per ticket
Ten Club Pre-sale Link:
Ten Club Pre-sale Password:

Buenos Aires, Argentina:
July, 22 at 8pm until July 24th at 11:59pm
Ticket Price: 150 - 485 ARS Peso per ticket
Ten Club Pre-sale Link:
Ten Club Pre-sale Password:

Santiago, Chile:
July, 22 20:00hrs until July 24th at 23:59hrs
Ticket Price: $28,000 - $70,000 CLP Peso per ticket
Ten Club Pre-sale Link:
Ten Club Pre-sale Password:

Lima, Peru:
July, 22 00:00hrs until July 24th at 23:59hrs
Ticket Price: S/90 to S/ 330 PEN Nuevo Sol per ticket
Ten Club Pre-sale Link:
Ten Club Pre-sale Password:

San Jose, Costa Rica:
July, 22 TBA
Ticket Price:TBA
Ten Club Pre-sale Link: TBA
Ten Club Pre-sale Password: TBA

Mexico DF, Mexico
July 18, 11am - 8pm local time
and again on July 19, 11am - 8pm local time
Ticket Price: $260 - $1,380 MXN Pesos per ticket
Ten Club Pre-sale Link:
Ten Club Pre-sale Password:

Now for the very important part ... DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THE PASSWORD, or you will increase the risk of non-members obtaining these tickets.

Mucho Amor!!!
Ten Club Staff

Good luck to all!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Subscribe to podcast on iTunes

Hey guys:
Finally got around to fixing the iTunes issue. You can now subscribe to Given To Cast on iTunes. Just add the following link in the "SUBSCRIBE TO A PODCAST" link and copy and paste the link below. You will be able to search by name once the podcast is officially approved. Here's the feed link:


Monday, June 06, 2011

Given To Cast/PJ20 video cast promo

Hey guys,

I put together a promo for our video cast that we are planning to do at PJ20 Weekend Destination shows. Check it out below and let everyone that can't be there to check us out Labor Day weekend to see some interviews on the fly with tons on PJ fans from around the globe.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Where are sitting you for PJ20 shows and which day?

Got me seating assignments from the Ten Club yesterday:

Hello MARIO,

This is your official Ten Club email notifying you that you have been randomly selected for Reserve Seats under the pavilion for Saturday, September 3rd. This means you will have General Admission Lawn tickets for Sunday, September 4th, so please dress accordingly accordingly.

Thanks for your PJ20 Destination Weekend order for Reserve/GA tickets.

We'll see you at the show!


Ok, the next question is, who wants to trade their Sunday night show ticket for mine....really...who wants to trade???