Saturday, June 19, 2010

Given To Cast Podcast - Episode 6-19-2010

Hey Guys,

I finally got this done. I hope you enjoy it. BTW, please head over to and check out some awesome Pearl Jam inspired T-Shirts. Barbara is taking PRE-ORDERS until tomorrow for The Wave t-shirt. Also, listen to the show for a chance to WIN one.

Show Notes:

The Week in Review
Song of the Week: Better Days by Eddie Vedder
GTC EXTRAS: Christmas Singles 2009 - Turning Mist and Hawaii '78
Interview with a Fan: Barbara Alonso artist and winner of the Design Your Own T-Shirt Contest
Trivia Contest: WIN on of Barbara's T-shirts
Live Rarites: Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" by Van Halen covered at Hartford, CT show 2010
Between the Songs: Ed talks about his daughter during Austin City Limits Show taping - Oct. 3, 2009


Episode June 19, 2010

UPDATE: If you are having trouble listening to or downloading podcast or want to hear past shows, you can click the link below and listen or download from there. Thanks. Still working on iTunes listing. Hopefully it'll be up soon. Thanks


Anonymous said...

First time listener. Loved the VH cover, but better yet, Ed's quick story about his daughter.

Good stuff.

PJTEXAS said...

Thanks for your comeent, Dylster... hope you come back for more in the future.